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Alchemy and the Arts

In the Fine Arts there is something extraordinary that can happen, if you’re paying attention.  If you’re open.  If you’re allowing yourself to be sensitive to it.  In this instance, it’s the “Alchemy” of Oil Paint, but it happens elsewhere.

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Create vigorously

Vigor (noun) – strength, energy, or determination

This has never been a field for the weak or the timid.  This is neither the time nor the place to hesitate.  Fill your brush with strength, energy, and determination.

The greatest names have always held strong to our hearts.  Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rodin.  All inspire something, some great feeling.  The names as words possess an energy unto themselves.  Just the mere mention straightens the spine and quickens the pulse.  As greatness should.

On a recent visit to the Dallas Museum of Art, my soul was nourished and I was reminded of vigor.

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